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Misplacing a key in today’s world is as simple as forgetting the credit card password or if you are using a key pad lock, an omission of a single digit can lead to you being locked out of your own house. Situation becomes worse and embarrassing you are not able to enter your own private space. During such situations, call Alum Rock East Foothills Locksmith, as we respond with amazing alacrity in Alum Rock East Foothills to resolve lock-based issues instantly and to your fullest satisfaction.

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  • Holistic security expert 
  • Affordable pricing 

We not only deal with installation and repairing of the locks, but also provide scores of other locksmith services that are mentioned below:

Eviction locksmiths:

Alum Rock East Foothills Locksmith is one of the leaders in delivering eviction lock smith services in situations when the old tenants are leaving home and you are required to change the locks. We can rekey all the locks so that you do not have to undertake expensive replacements.

Key duplication:

We are also experts in key duplication services in case of a lock out or when you want one as a spare for a friend or family member.

Broken key extraction:

A broken key may get stuck inside the lock and render the lock inoperable. It happens quite frequently out of sheer carelessness or due to an unfortunate incident. If you are unlucky enough, call us quickly and we will not only extract the broken key without damaging the lock, but make sure that a new key is created right away.

Lock repair:

Due to a team of experienced and skilled professionals, repairing the cutting-edge lock systems is as easy as a breeze for us. We immediately rush to the spot and quickly diagnose the problem before troubleshooting it in simple and easy steps. In case, the lock is irreparable, our professionals will replace it with a new one.

Lock installation:

Alum Rock East Foothills Locksmith has a plethora of experience in installing a whole range of locks at the main door, garage and also on the mail boxes. Whenever in doubt, outsource home security to us and lead a stress-free life, safe from the modern-security threats.

Door lockouts:

Lockout situations can occur any time and could not only prove embarrassing but also dangerous. If you are stuck in a similar situation in Alum Rock East Foothills, CA area, call us to get the job done within minutes as we have the necessary equipments to get you instant entry.

Master keys:

We always believe in making residential security system simple but impregnable to breach, therefore our professionals can create a single master key to unlock and lock the doors instead of having loads of diverse keys.
Alum Rock East Foothills Locksmith always focuses on creating foolproof residential security at an affordable price to protect your life and property. So, whether it is a huge mansion or a small apartment, we are always game to get your lock and key issues sorted out in a very short time. Give us a call and we’ll dispatch an expert team to your residence, no matter where you are in Alum Rock East Foothills